Hello! My name is Fangy.I'm a silly creature who loves to draw.


Are your commissions open?
- In order to know whether I am open, see my COMMISSIONS page. If you are unsure, you can always send me a quick message.
What is your availability?
- I try to respond to messages within a few hours, however I do have a job and disabilities and may not be immediately available. I am not available for correspondence on weekends, because even I need some time off.
Do you do NSFW art?
- Yes, but I refuse to draw certain subjects. Feel free to ask, but be aware that I will not work on something I am uncomfortable with.
What do you use for art?
- I draw using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and accompanying stylus with ibisPaint X.
Can I use your art for _?
- All my art is licenced under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 and cannot be used for any purpose except for unedited reposting with appropriate credit to me, including a link back to me.

Claiming a slot

How do I claim a commission slot?
- If you are interested in a commission, contact me through TELEGRAM.
- We will discuss details and I will ask for confirmation of your acceptance of my terms of service.- You can keep track of your position in my queue on TRELLO. All relevant information will be included there.

Terms of service

By commissioning me, you are stating that you have read and agree to these terms.If you do not read my terms of service and proceed to commission me, you are still contractually bound by them; I am not responsible for anyone's failure to read.I have the right to deny any commission, at any time, without providing reason.


i. Please use Telegram for any correspondence regarding commission work.ii. Please allow up to one month for turnaround once your slot becomes active. I do not work on deadlines or rush orders.iii. Reference sheets must be accurate, unshaded, and able to color pick (color palettes are preferred). I accept NSFW refs, so please do not worry about censoring.iv. Proof of age (legal ID) is required for all NSFW commissions.


My works are licensed as CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.You are free to Share - you may repost my works.BY (Attribution) - you must credit me by including a link to me (the link can be to my social media or this site).NC (NonCommercial) - you may not use my works for commercial purposes (aka, you cannot make any money from my work).ND (No Derivatives) - you may not remix or edit my works and post them anywhere as such.If you want to use the work you commissioned for commercial purposes, we can discuss transfer of copyright and licensing variations.Any violation of this license by any person, not just the client, may be subject to legal action.


i. All commissions are to be paid through my CashApp, Stripe, or Venmo business accounts.ii. The invoice must be paid within 48 hours of issuance or the commission will be cancelled.iii. You must be the legal holder of any payment account used to pay. You may not use an account belonging to a friend or family member.


i. Commissions are done on a first come, first served basis. Once payment has been received, you will be placed on my public queue.ii. Wait time depends on how full my queue is and where you are in line. You can see my current queue HERE.iii. I send work in progress updates directly to the client when starting, for sketch approval, and finished product. My queue cards will also have the current progress attached to them.iv. The sketch phase is for any and all major changes. If there's something not quite right, I will edit or even redo the whole sketch. Just please let me know.v. If you would like something changed after the commission is completed, let me know. I keep all layered files until the final piece has been approved and received by the client.


i. If I have to cancel a commission at any time in the process, a 100% refund will be issued.ii.a. If the client cancels a commission up until the sketch phase, they are eligible for a 100% refund.ii.b. If the client cancels a commission at the lining phase, they are eligible for a 50% refund.ii.c. If the client cancels a commission at or after the coloring stage, they are not eligible for a refund of any amount.iii. All refunds are manual, so at no point should a charge-back be required. If a client issues a charge-back, they should be able to prove I violated my own terms. I keep screenshots of all correspondence.iv. If a charge-back is issued, the client's rights to the product will be rescinded and I may edit the work for resale as compensation.


Minors (NSFW)
Animals (NSFW)
If you're unsure, ask.



All of my current work will be pixel style. Examples of previous works are reference for my overall art style.Please review the TERMS OF SERVICE page before contacting me. If you have already claimed a slot and want to know about the progress of your commission, please see MY TRELLO.I do not accept crypto or eChecks. If you cannot afford a commission and still want to support me, consider donating any amount to my KO-FI.

$10 usd

rough sketch
color background, or
transparent background

$25 usd

flat color
color background, or
transparent background
shading +$10

custom designs
$50 usd

front view
color palette

reference sheets
$80 usd

front view
back view
color palette
headshot +$20
closeup detail +$10
wing detail +$10
accessories +$5
outfit pose +$20
feral pose +$20

avatar textures - closed
$40 usd

png texture files
complexity varies
model cost of base